Solidarity Statement with CDCJ

Last week, Columbia Divest for Climate Justice received notice that they might face disciplinary action for their protest against BP and were then forced to meet with Columbia's Rules Administrator, Suzanne Goldberg, regarding their actions.

We are disappointed that rather than address the damage caused by Columbia's investments in fossil fuel, Columbia is principally concerned with silencing free speech. In threatening CDCJ members with disciplinary action for violating Columbia's ambiguous Rules of Conduct — rules which Goldberg, who was not democratically elected to her position, has a personal investment in enforcing against student protesters — Columbia is depriving CDCJ members of their right to protest and receive an equal education.

As an organization that understands the importance of direct action and the destruction Columbia's investments inflict upon the planet, particularly against Black people and people of color, we stand in solidarity with CDCJ. We as students have the right and the duty to speak out against the gross inaction of Columbia's admin.