Solidarity Statement with Professor Ravina

TW - sexual harassment

On March 23, 2016, Columbia Professor Enrichetta Ravina spoke out in a New York Times article about the gender discrimination and sexual harassment she has experienced at Columbia, and Columbia administrators’ unwillingness to keep her safe.

As an organization that works to combat sexual and dating violence, we find Columbia’s actions egregious. Columbia’s lack of care for the well-being of Professor Ravina sadly echoes stories we’ve heard time and time again from survivors on campus who feel unsafe due to administrative inaction. In an institution that prides itself on fostering intellectual growth, the fact that Columbia would so blatantly disrespect one of its own professors is appalling.

In bravely coming forward to share her story, Professor Ravina has helped shed light on the too frequently ignored epidemic of sexual harassment in higher education. We stand in solidarity with her and her pursuit of justice.