Solidarity Statement

Solidarity Statement with Professor Ravina

TW - sexual harassment

On March 23, 2016, Columbia Professor Enrichetta Ravina spoke out in a New York Times article about the gender discrimination and sexual harassment she has experienced at Columbia, and Columbia administrators’ unwillingness to keep her safe.

As an organization that works to combat sexual and dating violence, we find Columbia’s actions egregious. Columbia’s lack of care for the well-being of Professor Ravina sadly echoes stories we’ve heard time and time again from survivors on campus who feel unsafe due to administrative inaction. In an institution that prides itself on fostering intellectual growth, the fact that Columbia would so blatantly disrespect one of its own professors is appalling.

In bravely coming forward to share her story, Professor Ravina has helped shed light on the too frequently ignored epidemic of sexual harassment in higher education. We stand in solidarity with her and her pursuit of justice.

In Solidarity with All Survivors

Trigger warning: sexual assault

It has come to our attention that The Columbia Daily Spectator published an op/ed that sought to delegitimize the experiences of survivors of sexual violence whose experiences don’t conform to traditional rape narratives. Included in this article was imagery alluding to No Red Tape’s Days on Campus action last year when we projected “rape happens here” on Low Library. In the article, a question mark was inserted at the end, insinuating that because certain survivors’ experiences don’t fit the author’s definition of sexual assault, they aren’t worthy of inclusion in conversations about the epidemic of sexual violence on campus.

We find this article and its attempted appropriation of our action abhorrent. All survivors have the right to be recognized, regardless of their identity, the identity (or identities) of their perpetrator(s), and the physical actions that occurred during their assault.

To all survivors whose experiences were mocked in the article, we at No Red Tape want to affirm that your experiences matter. You deserve recognition, support, and safety, and we’ll continue to advocate for your rights on campus until all types of sexual violence are eradicated and all survivors are supported.

Solidarity Statement with CDCJ

Last week, Columbia Divest for Climate Justice received notice that they might face disciplinary action for their protest against BP and were then forced to meet with Columbia's Rules Administrator, Suzanne Goldberg, regarding their actions.

We are disappointed that rather than address the damage caused by Columbia's investments in fossil fuel, Columbia is principally concerned with silencing free speech. In threatening CDCJ members with disciplinary action for violating Columbia's ambiguous Rules of Conduct — rules which Goldberg, who was not democratically elected to her position, has a personal investment in enforcing against student protesters — Columbia is depriving CDCJ members of their right to protest and receive an equal education.

As an organization that understands the importance of direct action and the destruction Columbia's investments inflict upon the planet, particularly against Black people and people of color, we stand in solidarity with CDCJ. We as students have the right and the duty to speak out against the gross inaction of Columbia's admin.

Solidarity Statement with Columbia University Apartheid Divest

TW: sexual assault

No Red Tape stands in solidarity with Columbia University Apartheid Divest. As an organization which fights to end rape culture, we recognize that sexual violence is intimately connected with colonialism, imperialism, and other forms of state violence. As shown by the stories of Rasmeah Odeh and countless Palestinian survivors, sexual violence has routinely been used as a tool of oppression against Palestinian women. It is unacceptable that women's bodies continue to be targeted as part of Israel's project of occupation. Because of these connections, our cause is intertwined with the Palestinian people's struggle for liberation. We support Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace as they call on Columbia to divest from Israeli Apartheid and affirm the basic rights of Palestinian people.

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